Sliding Closet Doors

A sliding doors, especially sliding closet doors is a design that is very common use today. The sliding closet doors makes your room (your closets) looks so elegant and fascinating. So in this article i’ll show you the suggest you have to considered before you buy some closet with sliding doors, they are:


1. Sliding Closet Doors for Bedrooms

Bedroom is absolutely become your private room. You spent your rest and sleeping time in your bedroom, therefore you certainly want to make your bedroom comfortable and satisfiying. so here is my suggest for yout Sliding Closet Doors for Bedroom
If your bedroom has a contemporary or modern design, you can use our suggest,that sliding doors must be built in combination of glass and wood/lightweight metal.

2.  Sliding Closet Doors Ikea

This suggest is the most popular in the world. As the one of biggest furniture company, IKEA making themself as benchmark for furniture. Their design is so good and almost everyone in this world satisfied to what IKEA did. so this is my best suggest for sliding closet doors ikea
Sliding Closet Doors Ikea
IKEA design usually using a cedar wood, alumunium metal, and glass for their design, so that the design I suggest, so simple and looks cool.

3. Sliding Closet Doors Lowes

Besides IKEA, Lowe’s is the other good company that produce furniture too. so let’s get in to it
Sliding Closet Doors Lowes
 Lowe’s designs shares similiarity with IKEA design, if you compare these two company’s designs, the difference is minor.

4. Sliding Closet Doors Ideas

The best idea i have for sliding closet doors is
Sliding Closet Doors Ideas
If your home design role is modern or contemporary, that design is right. That design combining frosted glass and aluminium so its look so modern and cool.

5. Sliding Closet Doors Mirror

For most closet in this world, we often found closet with mirror in it’s door. So if you want to take my suggest for sliding closet doors mirror, there’s my suggest
Sliding Closet Doors Mirror
So, why i put the full mirror design to you on purpose? Because that design is a breakthrough for sliding closet doors mirror that usually using a small area on closet doors to stick or hang a mirror.

6. Sliding Closet Doors Hardware

For good design, I suggest to you hardware you can buy to your sliding doors
Sliding Closet Doors Hardware
The barnyard/warehouse style is a alternatif style for you,because design is so unique and everyone certainly looked into it.


7. Sliding Closet Doors Diy

If you like to make your own sliding closet doors, or sliding closet doors diy you can use my suggest for your consideration

Sliding Closet Doors Diy

In this DIY case, i still recomend this barn style for you. Because to make this is easy, you just need woods and some wheel. No glasses or the other complicated things.

8. Sliding Closet Doors Home Depot

If you like Home Depot style for your sliding closet doors, make sure you consider my recomendation
 Sliding Closet Doors Home Depot

9. Sliding Closet Doors Wood

If you like the only wood style make sure this included to your list

So that its, all my sliding closet doors  suggest and recomendation for you. I hope you enjoy it and include them to your consider list.

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