DIY IKEA Coffee Table Design

There’s many design i recommend to you to make it DIY. These design below i choose because these design is simple and you can make it easily.

1. IKEA Coffee Table Simple

This design is easiest design you can make, you dont need a glass or marble or metal plate, you just install the parts with nail, screw or interlock system
2. IKEA Marble Coffee Table
This design is simple, combining marble with wood. Or if you don’t have much money to buy marble there’s a solution. Just make a simple table like usual and buy a wallpaper that has a texture like marble. And you can press with heat to table. And so
3. IKEA Coffee Table with storage
This design same with design above but tou tou  need add some leather or whatever bag to below the surface of the table. R
4. IKEA Glass Coffee Table same with the designs above, the difference is you must buy a couple of glass to cover upside and under side of the table. This design look so modern and elegant
If you like some designs i recommend, give me a comment

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